Quran and Science

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The Healing Effect of Honey as Stated in Quran and Hadith Hits: 1014
Quran Point of View on Dimensions of Reflection and its Indications in Education System Hits: 1212
The Effect of Listening to the Voice of Quran on Anxiety before Cardiac Catheterization a Randomized Controlled Trial Hits: 1004
Mental Health and Stresscoping Strategies Among Memorizers of Holy Quran Hits: 1152
Pharmacological and Medicinal Aspects of the Verses Containing Fig (at-tin) in Holy Quran Hits: 1044
Positive psychology from Islamic perspective Hits: 1073
Comparison of Amplitude of Accommodation , Near Point of Convergence and Fusion Ability of Islamic Fasters Before , During and After Respected Month of Ramadan Hits: 1198
Prenatal Diagnosis in Islamic Countries: A Narrative Review in 2013 Hits: 1061
Effects of Ramadan Fasting on Neonatal Anthropometric Measurements in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy Hits: 1061
The Effects of Ramadan Fasting on Growth Parameters: A Narrative Review Hits: 1121
A Phono-Pragmatic Analysis of Rhythm in the Quranic Text of Pleasant Scenes Hits: 1323
A New Model for Trojan Detection using Machine Learning Inspired by Al-Furqan Verse Hits: 1089
Free Radical Scavenging Enzymes of Fruit Plant Species Cited in the Holly Quran Hits: 1123
Genetic Environmental Interactions (Applied Concepts in The Glorious Quran and the Honorable Hadith) Hits: 987
The Impact of Scientific Progress on the Assessment of the Translations of the Scientific Verses in the Glorious Quran Hits: 1171
Contemplation of the 3rd and 4th Verses of Al-Qiyamat Surah to Compare the Fingerprints of Normal Population with Hemophilia Carriers Hits: 1064
Cardiovascular Effects of Olive, a Quranic Fruit a Systematic Review Hits: 1029
Gender and Sexuality: An Islamic Perspective Hits: 1265
Peer Counseling and Nursing Consultation on Cancer Patients’ Quality of Life Hits: 1012
Incidence of Self-Reported Interpersonal Violence Related Physical Injury in Iran Hits: 1237
The Importance of Breastfeeding in Holy Quran Hits: 1030
A Comparison between Islamic Ideology and other Schools Theories about Mental Health and the Impact of Religious and Spirituality on human Psychology and Drug Rejection Hits: 1104
Evaluating the Performance of Muslim Researchers in Publishing Holy Quran Related Articles in Medical Sciences in Scopus Databases Hits: 1134
Voice of Quran and health : A review of performed studies in Iran Hits: 1322
The Significant Daily Worship With Circadian Rhythms Hits: 1375
Evaluating the Performance of Muslim Researchers in Publishing Holy Quran Related Articles in Medical Sciences in Scopus Databases Hits: 1313
Comparison of Listening to the Quran Arabic Recitation and Arabic Recitation Along with Persian Translation on Decreasing Patients’ Anxiety and Vital Signs Stability Before Anesthesia Induction Hits: 1334
Evaluation of the Auditory Effects of the Sound of Quran e Karim on Labor Pain Hits: 1330
Reformist Movements in the Indian Subcontinent and Their Views on the Quran Scientific Movement versus Political Movement Hits: 980
Effect of Quran Recitation on the Level of Anxiety in Athletics Hits: 1649
Investigating the Rate of Quran Reciting by Persian Language and Literature Students in Comparison with Students of Other Fields and Its Effect on Depression , Anxiety and Stress Hits: 1032
Effect of Quran on Promoting the Eating Habits and Physical Activity of Adolescents: Using the Theory of Planned Behavior Hits: 1158
Quran and Pharmaceutical Plants: Antioxidants Hits: 1042
Management in Quran Hits: 1109
Effect of the Quran Sound on Labor Pain and Other Maternal and Neonatal Factors in Nulliparous Women Hits: 1105
Specifying the Antioxidant Activities of Five Fruits Mentioned in Quran and Sayings (Ahadith) Hits: 1137
Evaluating Therapeutic Properties of Quranic Fruits , and Their Effects on Health Promotion Hits: 1077
The Role of Sleep Functions in Human Health from the Perspective of the Holy Quran Hits: 1128
Mathematics in the Holy Quran Hits: 1419
Quran and Singular: Protective Effects of Extract of Urtica dioica Leaf on Mucosa of Intestine in Diabetic Rats Hits: 1122
Methodology of Interpreting the Quran Medical Verses Hits: 1048
Six Essential Principles of Iranian Traditional Medicine for Maintaining Health From the Quran’s Point of View Hits: 970
Philosophy of Fasting in Quran and Islamic Narratives and its Relationship with Human Health, Based on Scientific Notions Hits: 1210
Topic-oriented Research on Illuminative Paintings of Quran and Islamic Architectural Decorations of Complex of Sheikh Safi-al-din-e- Ardebil Khanghah Hits: 1071
Philosophical Approach of Quran and Economic Behavior in Labor and Production Hits: 998
Quran and Respiratory System: Evaluating the Causes and Symptoms of Pulmonary Disease of Asthma, According to the Iranian Traditional Medicine, and Comparing it With Other Respiratory Tract Diseases Hits: 1555
Quran and Protective Barrier System (Skin) : Evaluating Wart and its Treatment , From the Viewpoint of Iranian Traditional Medicine Hits: 1118
Breast Cancer Risk Reduction by Parity and Breastfeeding , Islamic Perspective; A Case Control Study Hits: 1025
The Prophylactic Effect of Honey on Common Cold Hits: 1165
Islamic Fasting or the Right Life Style: Investigating the Biochemical Parameters of the Body Organs Hits: 1150
Evaluating the Effect of Fasting in Holy Month of Ramadan on Soul and Body: Fast, Messenger of Physiological and Psychological Security Hits: 891
Evaluation of the Effect of Reciting the Word “Allah” on the Pain and Anxiety of Dressing Change in Burn Patients Hits: 1140
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