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After 3 Days of Silence, Prophet Muhammad (s) Gives the Answer!

Imam Sadiq (as) reports that the Jews requested the Messenger of God (s) to describe God to them. The Prophet did not give an answer for three days until Surah al-Ikhlas was revealed and thus provided them their answer.

1. Say, ‘He is Allah, the One. 2. Allah is the All-embracing. 3. He neither begat, nor was begotten, 4. nor has He any equal.’ (al-Ikhlas 1-4)


The Muslims will Gain Victory

A chapter of the Qur’an has been revealed in which a victory of the Muslims is foreseen. In this chapter of al-Nasr, God says that with His help victory will come to the Muslims. With this victory, Prophet Muhammad is told that he will see the people entering the religion of Islam in throngs. What victory is being foreseen? It must be victory over Mecca!

1. When Allah’s help comes with victory, 2. and you see the people entering Allah’s religion in throngs, 3. then celebrate the praise of your Lord, and plead to Him for forgiveness. Indeed He is all-clement. (Al-Nasr 1-3)


God Thwarts Attack on the Ka’ba

In the year of the birth of the Prophet (s), Abraha, the king of Yemen, led an expedition of men and elephants from Yemen to destroy the Ka’ba. But, God thwarted their plan. Before they entered Mecca, a flock of birds appeared above the army and rained down stones upon them and thus forced them to flee.

1. Have you not regarded how your Lord dealt with the Men of the Elephant? 2. Did He not make their stratagems go awry, 3. and send against them flocks of birds 4. pelting them with stones of shale, 5. thus making them like chewed-up straw? (Al-Fil 1-5)


 Prophet Muhammad Mocked for not having a Son!

A chapter of the Qur’an, Surah al-Kawthar, has been revealed in response to the mocking of the Prophet (s) by the polytheists due to him not having a son to carry on his lineage.

Prophet Muhammad had two sons, Qasim and Tahir, but both died in Mecca. The polytheists are happy because they think that in the event of the passing away of the Prophet, the religion of Islam will come to an end. God, in Surah al-Kawthar, has answered them and given news that Islam will continue and it is the polytheists who will be without posterity.

1. Indeed We have given you abundance. 2. So pray to your Lord, and sacrifice [the sacrificial camel].3. Indeed it is your enemy who is without posterity. (Al-Kawthar 1-3)


 After 15 days without a Revelation, a New Chapter is Revealed

Fifteen days had passed without a revelation. The polytheists were saying that Prophet Muhammad’s (s) God had left him and that if he was really a prophet of God, revelations to him from God should be in an orderly fashion. Then Surah al-Dhuha was revealed, giving an answer to the polytheists’ claims.

1. By the morning brightness, 2. by the night when it is calm! 3. Your Lord has neither forsaken you nor is He displeased with you, 4. and the Hereafter shall be better for you than the world. (Al-Dhuha 1-4)



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