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Slavery from Islamic & Christian Perspectives
Syed Saeed Akhtar Rizvi
Slavery is the oldest evils of society, he marshalled fact from histoy & Holy Qur'an. Infact this book will prove as an eye-opener for those who blindly nod in approval to propaganda about Western humanism.
Women in Islam vs in Judeao-Christian
Sherif Muhammad Abdel Azeem
Women in Islam versus Women in the Judaeo-Christian Tradition - The Myth & Reality. A comparision of the position of women in Islam, Christianity & Judaism based on Qur'an, Bible & Talmud respectively.
Guiding the Youth of the New Generation
Abu Mohd bin Shuba Al-Harrani
A discussion on providing leadership of the youth, with examples from Hadith,Qur'an and lives of the Prophets and Imams.
25 Dua From the Holy Qur'an
Ackwnoledgements : Raza Azmi
May Allah forgive US and the one Who Wrote these Dua’s ..May Allah guide us all the right path Ameen..!
Forty Hadith: The Noble Qur'an
Majid 'Adili
This text is a collection of forty ahadith about the Holy Quran from the Fourteen Infallibles (as).
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