Stopping & Beginning in Quran Recitation

No of lessons:

10 lessons

Course duration:

10 lessons / one Hour


Teenagers, Adults


Female, Male

Additional Details

1- Learning different kinds of stopping and beginning in the Holy Quran, 2- Learning the exact parts the reciter can stop or begin the recitation, 3- Learning Ilhaaq, Rawm and Ishmaam rules, Urgent Optional stopping, Perfect Stopping, Rule of Sufficient Stopping, Rule of Fine Stopping, Rule of Ugly Stopping, Jibra’eel Stopping, Forgiveness Stopping and Stopping Symbols.

For reading the Holy Quran fluently, one needs to know in which part, the reciter can stop or begin the recitation. This course provides a series of lessons to become familiar with the reasons behind these signs. So, wherever the reciters do not see these signs, they can find the causes of the starting and stopping points by applying their knowledge in grammar, rhetoric, exegesis, sometimes theology and other times the knowledge of jurisprudence.

  1. Will be able to know the rules of Stopping and Beginning,
  2. Will be able to recognize the exact places of Stopping and Beginning correctly,
  3. Will be given a certificate.
  1. Some quizzes at the end of each lesson,
  2. Midterm exam after 5 lessons, including recitation,
  3. Final Exam after 10 lessons, including recitation.

Course Screenshots

Be more familiar with course environment through some screenshots.

Stopping & Beginning in Quran Recitation

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