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This section is one of the important constituents of the website, which is the product of precise planning and programming conducted by our experts working tirelessly with the website “DarulQuran”.

The activities of the project is inspired by the very text of the Quran which calls for human beings to repeatedly refer to the life-styles of the Prophets (peace be upon them) to model their behavior and (conduct). There is considerable emphasis in the traditions from the Prophet Muhammad and his household to have laid upon the history of the people living in the past and that which has happened to them. This essential point, emphasized in all Islamic texts, has been seriously neglected.

The current inititative seeks to take decisive steps to fulfill this aim and provide the reverend viewer with rich themes and contents in this regard provided that our educated audiences may kindly offer their valuable contribution. The project in question is in fact, an open source in which the lives and life-styles of different Prophets mentioned in the Quran have been categorized into titles and topics of significance. This enables the audience express their own opinions and views about any of the subjects in the sections marked with an asterisk (*) as in the table 1 which belongs to Prophet Adam.

The advantage of this project over the others is that the great bulk of the material is obtained through the contribution of our members. The member is also asked to provide us with their conceptions or interpretations of the verses of the Quran which can be said to mean including a great part of Quranic concepts in the lives of modern human beings. Furthermore, this serves the purpose of encouraging collective thinking and contemplating on the Quran and its diverse topics at a global level. The material sent to us in the form of a complete work will be published as a valuable source with the name of the author appearing on it where desired.


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