About Us
About Us - 1

DarulQuran was founded in 2011 with a vision of providing life-transforming Quranic learning experience to anyone, anywhere.

Our website and learning content was gradually produced and modified by a team of more than 60 talented full-time and part-time colleagues from several countries, including England, The United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, France, Ireland, India, Pakistan, and Russia.

Many learners from more than 180 countries use our services to expand their Quranic knowledge.

The DarulQuran – Europe and England Institute, the first specialized virtual platform for Quranic Sciences, has been actively teaching since 2011 in five different languages: English, Arabic, Spanish, French, and Dutch. Using modern software platforms and employing academic and creative approaches, the institute has established a successful and professional model for Quranic education. Currently, over 3000 users from 195 countries participate in online classes at DarulQuran, with more than 150 classes held each week in various departments and languages. The website offers more than 15 departments dedicated to Quran education and related courses, catering to children, teenagers, and adults separately.

  • Addressing the lack of Quranic education in the community.
  • Providing Quranic education for youth and adults.
  • Assisting families in Islamic education.
  • Creating an ideal and accessible learning environment for individuals interested in Quranic Studies across the globe in five languages.
  • Offering flexibility and the ability to address potential problems in each lesson regardless of the number of students.
  • Enhancing lesson content through the use of examples and multimedia features.
  • Providing educational services to individuals in geographical areas distant from traditional classroom settings.
  • Establishing a solid educational foundation for the study of Quranic Sciences using an academic approach that incorporates advanced technological methods.
  • Offering educational services to those who lack access to qualified teachers and Quranic classes.
  • Fostering the development of teachers, scholars, and reciters of the Holy Quran in various geographical locations.
  • Creating the necessary groundwork for the training of professors, teachers, and reciters of the Quran.

Registration to graduation consists of the following steps:

  1. Create an account on the DarulQuran website in the preferred language.
  2. Receive academic counseling and support from the website.
  3. Take the placement test for the desired course.
  4. Determine the Quran learner’s level in the selected course.
  5. Complete the registration process for the chosen course.
  6. Join the course group.
  7. Agree upon the day and time of the class with all the Quran learners.
  8. Receive the timetable and the course/class link for the Quran learners.
  9. Commence the course.
  10. Participate in mid-term quizzes and final exams.
  11. Receive a report card.
  12. Obtain a graduation certificate.
  13. Receive academic counseling for enrolling in other courses or advancing to a higher level in the current course.
  14. Organize a graduation event to celebrate the achievement.
  • Sweet Quran
  • Quran Reading
  • Tajweed in Quran Recitation
  • Full Memorisation of the Holy Quran
  • Juz Amma Memorisation
  • Thematic Memorisation
  • Melodious Recitation (Tarteel)
  • Melodious Recitation (Tahqiq)
  • Quranic Exegesis (Tafsir)
  • Learning Quran Translation
  • Teacher Training Course
  • Quranic Sciences
  • Quranic Stories
  • From Darkness Towards Light
  • Learning Arabic Language
  • Assisting the community in ideal educational planning at a reasonable cost.
  • Providing highly specialized training with the help of professional specialists and international professors.
  • Offering appropriate and relevant education for different ages and personalized educational planning based on the individual’s level, whether they are children, adolescents, youth, or adults.
  • Providing access to offline supportive content in addition to online classes with teachers to assist users in their learning.
  • Offering classes at flexible times according to users’ preferences.
  • Providing a suitable Quranic model using modern teaching methods.
  • The content produced by local experts has been modified, edited, and harmonized to adapt educational content and presentation methodology to the target culture.
  • Utilizing distinguished international professors from more than 15 countries, including special female professors.
  • Conducting continuous quality control to improve the quality of education.
  • Virtual classes are held in different geographical areas across various countries.
  • Offering lessons on HTML – CSS.
  • Using the fastest hosts and servers in the world.
  • Utilizing modern “BigBlueButton” software in virtual classes.
  • Providing a user-friendly website interface, software, and learning system (LMS).
  • Presentation of a valid international certificate from England.