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What Our Students Say ?

Fatima Abbasi’s Mom:

Salam alaikom Farzanah. Thank you dear. Hope you are doing well too. I like the way they are playing and learning together, my kids love it. If I do get any ideas, I will definitely let you know.

Sweet Quran course
Muhaddisa Kassam (Ali’s Mom):

Ws sister, Alhamdulillah im well, hope you are too. Ali has been enjoying the course and has learnt alot. You have managed to engage the children in an amazing way and at the same time imparted alot of knowledge through fun.

Sweet Quran course
Batool Shehzadi:

The course was very interactive and helpful, Alhamdulillah. Thank you. 🙂

Pre intermediate tajweed course
Aliyah Mamdani:

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team and especially Aaliyahs teacher. She has improved so much in her quran and confidence in reciting.

Elementary Tajwid course
Sahar Haji:

Alhamdulillah the teaching was off the highest standards and I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. Thank you.

Elementary Tajwid course
Ibrahim Abbas:

Alhamdulillah my Recitation has been improved with proper Tajwid

Elementary Tajwid course

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About Us

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Who we are?

This website is private and is operated and managed with the financial and spiritual help of a group of donors and friends of the Glorious Quran.

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Our Objectives

Creating an ideal environment for learning the Holy Quran in the simplest and most accessible of ways for all those interested in learning the various fields of Quranic Studies across the globe in 5 languages.

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Our Teachers

The ability to make contact with prominent scholars of the Holy Quran. The availability of the most professional and experienced male and female scholars and teachers –for evaluation and critique- per request.

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Teach and spread the Quranic teachings by using the modern means of Information Technology, at the same time as holding the belief that, in speech and action, the Holy Quran is the greatest and most important miracle of Allah.

Why Us?

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Cross-Platform & Multimedia

Cross-Platform Learning: website and apps on PC and smart phones

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Full-Time Technical Support

Academic and Technical Support: Available until graduation

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Interactive Online Classes

Developing the Quranic Culture, Socialization and Communication

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Multilingual Course Materials

Multilingual course contents and a variety of Multimedia content

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Awarding Genuine Certification

Awarding Genuine Certifications from England after course completion

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Developing The Quranic Culture

Selected male and female educators, teaching you in online sesssions

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