Juz Amma Memorisation (teenagers)

In this course, you will memorise the 30th Juz of the Holy Quran step by step. We have divided long Surahs to several parts which makes your memorization easier.

No of lessons:

37 Lessons, each lesson includes one Surah of Juz 30

Course duration:

45 sessions/ 1 hour




Female, Male

Additional Details

  • Offering a plan for reviewing Mahfuzat periodically,
  • The possibility to use the audio files of each lesson by Quran learners,
  • Holding continuous memorization and review tests in each session,
  • Education is offered by teachers from different countries,
  • Correction of pronunciation and usage of Tajweed rules in student recitation,
  • Necessary preparations are provided for specialized training at higher levels,
  • Continuous support and profound responsiveness are given by website experts during the learning time, from the registration to receiving the degree.
  1.  Learning the methods of memorisation of the Holy Quran,
  2.  Following a schedule for memorisation,
  3.  Learning about the meaning and the content of the Surah with the help of narrations, stories and different games. Also flash cards, Yes/No questions and drag and drop plays are presented.
  4.  Taking several steps to memorise the Quran efficiently.

The Holy Quran is divided into 114 Surahs (chapters) and 30 Ajza (parts). While having deep and practical meanings, Juz 30 which is called Amma Juz, includes shortest Surahs of the Holy Quran. If a child wants to start the memorization, they can start memorisation of the Quran from Juz 30. By direct control of our teachers and observers, memorisation classes are held.

Quran Reading

  1.  Will be able to memorise 30th Juz in less than one year,
  2.  Will practice to know every first word of each ayah in every specific page of the Quran,
  3.  Will know the practical points about each Surah,
  4.  Will be given a certificate of completion.
  1. Recitation of Ayahs by heart in every online session,
  2. Midterm exam after half of Juz, including recitation by heart,
  3. Final Exam after the memorisation of the whole Juz, including recitation by heart.

Course Screenshots

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Trial of the course

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Juz Amma Memorisation (teenagers)

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