Juz Amma Memorisation

In this course, you will memorise the 30th Juz of the Holy Quran step by step. We have divided long Surahs to several parts which makes your memorisation easier.

No of lessons:

We offer different plans for different ages.

Course duration:

30 – 90 Minutes




Female, Male

Additional Details

Juz Amma Memorisation, as the name suggests is working on memorising the 30th Chapter of the Holy Quran which begins from Surah Naba to the end of the Holy Quran. This juz has many Surahs, most of which are short and hence have been committed to memory due to its frequent usage in our everyday life and also in our daily prayers. Starting with this chapter makes it an easier target to achieve in memorisation.

– To uphold a connection with the Holy Quran daily,
– Memorising one juz of the Holy Quran,
– Memorising some of shorter and easier Surahs of the Holy Quran,
– Setting grounds for the bigger challenge of memorising the entire Quran.

This course offers participants the opportunity to memorise Juz Amma, which comprises shorter and frequently recited Surahs that hold great significance in our daily lives. These Surahs are often recited from memory for various reasons, and their memorisation brings numerous benefits. Many of these Surahs serve as a source of healing for our souls, and our spiritual well-being greatly relies on them. Reciting these Surahs not only connects us to Allah but also strengthens our bond with the Holy Quran. Memorisation is a profoundly beneficial and beautiful way to tread the path of Allah and engage in a daily conversation with the Sublime. By committing these verses to memory, we establish a strong connection with the divine scripture and enrich our spiritual journey.

Quran Reading

– Memorising juz Amma,
– Conversingto Allah every day,
– Self confident and a sense of acheivement that you have memorised one juz of the Quran,
– Being a role model/ examplary for others (If you are a parent, you are a role model for your child),
– Understanding Allah’s speech more and more.

1. Recitation of Ayahs by heart in every online session,
2. Midterm exam after half of juz, including recitation by heart,
3. Final exam after the memorisation of the whole juz, including recitation by heart.

  • Become a Quran Memoriser
  • Become a Quranic mother

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Juz Amma Memorisation

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