Melodious Recitation for Kids

Investing in this course promises to not only enhance your children’s recitation skills but also instill in them a lifelong connection to the teachings of the Holy Quran.

No of lessons:

10 Lessons

Course duration:

12 Sessions / 40-50 Mins


5-9 yrs


Female, Male

Additional Details

For Quran learners aspiring to recite beautifully, the Melodious Recitation course offers invaluable assistance. This course is designed to guide children gradually through the process of recitation, allowing them to utilize their reading skills to learn the art of beautiful recitation. Through the Melodious Recitation course, your children can achieve their recitation goals while enjoying their learning journey. The course employs diverse techniques, including Quranic recitation by imitation, interactive games, creative crafts, and key learning points. If you wish for your children to master distinct recitation styles and take pleasure in reciting various verses from the Holy Quran, this course is tailor-made for you.

The course employs a variety of effective methods, including imitation, engaging games, and creative crafts. Its core objectives include:

  • Cultivating a skill for beautiful Quranic recitation,
  • Nurturing a close bond with the Holy Quran,
  • Establishing a profound relationship with the Quran,
  • Enhancing recitation capabilities,
  • Learning the art of imitation.

Fostering self-confidence during childhood is of paramount importance. Children are malleable, and it’s our responsibility to shape their character and help them attain their aspirations. Equipping them with the skill of beautiful and accurate recitation from an early age can bolster their confidence in adulthood, enabling them to recite flawlessly and melodiously. If your goal is to instill a love for the Holy Quran, to encourage them to recite beautifully in gatherings and mosques, the Melodious Recitation course is an ideal choice. This course, offered by Darulquran Academy, aims to enhance their recitation experience by exposing them to different Qaris’ voices, introducing them to new recitations, and guiding them through imitation. Another significant objective is to establish a deep connection between children and the Quran, embedding its teachings in their minds as they engage with its verses and meanings. Through the path of melodious recitation, they can express a range of emotions such as sorrow, happiness, and mindfulness.

Quran Reading for Kids

Upon completing the Melodious Recitation course, your children can look forward to several achievements, including:

  • A heightened sense of confidence in their ability to recite the Quran melodiously,
  • Enhanced proficiency in employing Quranic concepts,
  • Continued improvement in recitation skills,
  • Development of social skills through interactions with peers,
  • Deepened comprehension of Allah’s message as they recite with meaning.

While there are no formal tests for children, their progress will be consistently monitored and reported to the parents.

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Melodious Recitation for Kids

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