Melodious Recitation – Tahqiq

In this course, there is an endeavor, using new methods and expertise, to enable a student to recite the Quran beautifully and pleasantly with the Tahqiq method in a melodious fashion.

No of lessons:

Elementary 1: 10
Elementary 2: 13
Elementary 3: 12
Intermediate 1:12
Intermediate 2:12
Intermediate 3:12

Course duration:

12-14 Sessions/45-60 Mins


Teenagers, Adults


Female, Male

Additional Details

The Melodious Recitation course caters to the aspirations of Quran learners who aim to recite the Quran beautifully. This course focuses on precise and mindful recitation, paying careful attention to the meaning of each word. Following the rules of Tajweed, it ensures that every letter is given its proper measure, both in terms of placement and pronunciation. The Tahqiq course is designed to help you achieve your goal of reciting the Quran in an enjoyable manner. Qualified instructors guide students through various recitation styles, emphasizing a slow and melodious approach. If you seek to explore different recitation techniques and derive personal satisfaction from reciting different verses of the Holy Quran, this course is tailored to meet your needs.

• To recite beautifully and slowly,
• To learn how to imitate various Qurra’,
• To work on different tunes,
• To know how to recite based on the meaning,
• To work on your breathing and voice.

If you aspire to recite the Holy Quran in a captivating and engaging manner for your children, or if you wish to recite beautifully in gatherings at Mahfels and mosques, this course is tailored for you. As part of the melodious recitation program, this course aims to enhance your recitation experience. Through this course, you will learn the art of slow recitation, drawing inspiration from the distinct voices of different Qurra’ (reciters). Listening to new recitations and imitating them play a crucial role in this course, allowing you to express various emotions such as sorrow, happiness, and caution through your recitation. The key methodology employed in this course is imitation, as it serves as the cornerstone of learning Tahqiq (recitation refinement). By embracing this course, you can refine your recitation skills and embark on a journey of heartfelt and impactful Quranic recitation.

Quran Reading

  • Knowing different tunes,
  • Working on your Tajwid rules,
  • Working on your breathing,
  • Enhancing your relationship with the Holy Quran daily,
  • Correcting your recitation,
  • Being a Qaari.

At the end of the course, students will be tested and those who succeed in obtaining 50% of the test score will be awarded a certificate.

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Course Screenshots

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Melodious Recitation – Tahqiq

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