Quranic Sciences

In this course, you will become acquainted with the essential issues, key pivotal topics, and the most important cognitive points of the Holy Quran.

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Course duration:

11 Sessions/60 Mins


Teenagers, Adults


Female, Male

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In this course, you will be provided with essential issues related to the Holy Quran, such as the perfect pattern of man’s journey, the attributes of the Holy Quran, divine revelation, the meaning of interpretation, commentators of the Quran and scholars, the meanings of Quranic verses, which include both the apparent and hidden meanings, man as a social being, angels and Gabriel, the teachings of the Holy Quran. The Quranic Sciences course explains, discusses, and exchanges opinions about such topics.

– Learning essential topics, terms, general principles, history, concepts, etc.;

– Familiarity with recording, collecting, revelation, etc. of the Quran;

– General acquaintance with the literature and verses of the Holy Quran;

– Addressing some doubts about the Holy Quran;

The Holy Quran has a transparent layer and a hidden. Just as it is imperative to pay attention to the transparent layer of the Holy Quran and its recitation, it is also necessary to learn the content and concepts of the Holy Quran so that they penetrate deep into the soul and influence the behavior, deeds, and culture of man. Understanding the general concepts of the Holy Quran will be appropriately taught in this course and will enable the level of Quranic understanding of the student to increase dramatically.

Quran Reading

– More remarkable acquaintance with the identity of the Holy Quran;

– Endeavoring to discover more essential Quranic topics;

– Preparing the groundwork for entering other dimensions of the Holy Quran;

– Deepening the connection with the Holy Quran;

At the end of the course, students will be tested and those who succeed in obtaining 50% of the test score will be awarded a certificate.

  • Improve your general Quranic knowledge

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Quranic Sciences

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