Quranic Sciences

Everything you would like to know about the revelation of the Holy Quran and the pure revelation, the various interpretations of the verses and their proofs, words of the Holy Quran about Gabriel and the sciences that human beings are acquainted with through the Holy Quran, how the Holy Quran invites human beings to discover these sciences as well as any information about this divine miracle of the Prophet (PBH) will be found in Quranic science course.

No of lessons:

15 lessons

Course duration:

13 sessions / 45-90 Min




Female, Male

Additional Details

  • Education is offered by teachers from different countries,
    Learning the basic themes, terms, general principles, events,
  • calligraphy, etc. of the Holy Quran,
  • General acquaintance with the atmosphere of literature and texts of the Holy Quran,
  • Removing many doubts about the Holy Quran,
  • Necessary preparations are provided for specialized training at higher levels,
  • Continuous support and profound responsiveness are given by website experts during the learning time, from the registration to receiving the degree.

1- The Holy Quran contains a pattern of a Complete Way of Life for Man, 2- Qualities of the Holy Quran, 3- Revelation, 4- The Meaning of Exegesis, according to the Commentators and Scholars, 5- The Wisdom Contained in the Two Facets of the Holy Quran: The Inner and the Outer, 6- Man as a Social Being, 7- The Angel Gabriel, 8- The Wisdom Contained in the Two Facets of the Holy Quran: The Inner and the Outer, 9- The Teachings of the Holy Quran.

It is good to know the qualities of the revelation and interpretations of the Holy Quran. This course provides a series of lessons including some theoretical lessons about the Quranic sciences.

Quran Reading

  1. Will be able to discover various sciences related to Quran,
  2. Will be given a certificate of completion.
  1. Conceptual quizzes at the end of each lesson,
  2. Final Exam after 14 lessons, including recitation.

Course Screenshots

Be more familiar with course environment through some screenshots.

Quranic Sciences

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