Full Memorisation of the Holy Quran

This course focuses on memorising the Holy Quran in the shortest time possible with high accuracy through professional teachers.

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Depends on the plan

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Depends on the plan


Teenagers, Adults


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As devout Muslims, we strive to establish a daily connection with the Holy Quran and incorporate its teachings into our everyday lives. Memorization is an excellent way to achieve this, allowing us to read, recite, and immerse ourselves in the beauty of the Holy Quran on a regular basis. Depending on our goals, desires, and available time, we can embark on the journey of memorizing the Holy Quran step by step. In this course, a structured program will be provided, guiding us to memorize and review specific numbers of verses. Time tables will facilitate easy memorization and effective revision of our previous progress.

• Nurturing individuals who memorize the Holy Quran,
• Spreading Quranic culture through the complete memorization of divine verses,
• Establishing daily connection with the Holy Quran,
• Enhancing familiarity with the Holy Quran through continuous engagement with its divine words,
• Attaining infinite rewards and elevated spiritual degrees.

Memorizing the Quran is considered one of the most significant Quranic practices, emphasized by various verses and narrations. On the Day of Judgment, the Holy Quran will intercede on behalf of believers, and those who act upon it will attain a spiritual status of intercession. The importance of memorizing the Holy Quran is reiterated in numerous narrations from the Holy Prophet (s). For instance, it is mentioned, “Whoever recites the Holy Quran by heart will enter Paradise, and their intercession will be accepted for ten family members who were destined for Hellfire.” Additionally, the Prophet (s) stated, “When the memorizer of the Holy Quran enters Paradise, they are instructed to recite and ascend, as there is no higher station than that of a memorizer of the Holy Quran.” The earth is even described as refusing to consume the flesh of a memorizer of the Holy Quran upon their death, acknowledging the presence of God’s word in their heart.
Throughout Islamic history, reciters and memorizers of the Holy Quran held esteemed positions in society, receiving material and spiritual support from revered individuals. Memorizing the Holy Quran was held in such high regard that it was regarded as the dowry of Muslim women to have even a single chapter memorized. The discourse of religious leaders further emphasizes the indispensability of memorizing the Holy Quran, as many spiritual ranks cannot be attained without it.

Quran Reading

• Learning effective methods for memorizing the Holy Quran, including memorizing lengthy verses and time management techniques,
• Memorizing the Quran based on an organized timetable,
• Improving pronunciation and applying the rules of Tajweed in students’ recitations,
• Gaining a general understanding of translation and teaching exercises related to the Holy Quran,
• Evaluating the memorization progress and revising previously memorized portions in each session.

At the end of the course, students will be tested and those who succeed in obtaining 50% of the test score will be awarded a certificate.

  • Become a Quran Memoriser

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Full Memorisation of the Holy Quran

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