Learning Quran Translation for Kids

New teaching methods and enjoyable activities are implemented in this class for your little ones to grasp and enjoy learning 100 Quranic words.

No of lessons:

11 Lessons

Course duration:

13 Sessions/ 40-50 Mins


5-10 yrs


Female, Male

Additional Details

Understanding the meaning of the verses of the Holy Quran while reading it is like a dream for most of us. In the Learning Quran Translation course, we work towards achieving this dream. For children, we may think that this goal is unachievable, but through the use of stories, simple and interesting teaching methods, role play, and animations, we make this possible. This course focuses on teaching the most frequently used and repetitive words in the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran contains approximately 78,000 words, many of which are repetitive. In this course, we teach over 1,200 words from the Quran, two-thirds of which are commonly used words (each repeated more than 10 times). By the end of this course, students will have learned an attractive and simple way to understand the meanings of more than 86% of the words in the Holy Quran and translate many simple verses.

  • Understanding the meaning of repetitive words in the Holy Quran,
  • Making the learning process enjoyable through stories, crafts, animations, and games,
  • Gradually translating the Holy Quran,
  • Working on Arabic vocabulary and grammar,
  • Becoming familiar with the Arabic language,
  • Developing the ability to understand the message of many Quranic verses through continuous recitation and familiarity with the Quran,
  • Establishing the foundation for living according to the guidelines of the Quran in personal and social life and adopting Quranic ethics.

Children can easily learn and understand things, and when they grasp the importance of the Holy Quran themselves, they will develop admiration for the Holy Quran and act in accordance with it. Knowing the meaning of the verses while reading the Holy Quran greatly helps us understand Allah’s message. Fluent recitation of the Holy Quran is enhanced by familiarity with the meaning of each verse and the translation of the words. To comprehend its deeper meaning, it is also recommended to be familiar with Arabic grammar rules. By developing this skill, we feel a direct connection with Allah, and we can understand His word. Translating verses brings peace to our hearts.

This course has no prerequisites.

  • Understanding the original text of the Holy Quran without relying on available translations,
  • Easily understanding the meaning of the verses of the Holy Quran,
  • Establishing a deeper connection with the Holy Quran,
  • Feeling a direct connection with Allah through His speech,
  • Gaining a better understanding of the implicit meanings in the Quran,
  • Becoming familiar with the Arabic language,
  • Enhancing Arabic vocabulary and grammar skills.

While there are no formal tests for children, their progress will be continually monitored and reported to the parents.

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Learning Quran Translation for Kids

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