Quran Reading for Kids

Teaching the Arabic alphabet and basic Quranic recitation rules, by recreating the shapes and sounds of the alphabet letters using stories, crafts, and animals in fun and creative ways that allow the alphabet letters to be firmly engraved in the children’s minds.

No of lessons:

18 Lessons

Course duration:

28 Sessions/ 40-50 Mins


3-8 yrs


Female, Male

Additional Details

By utilizing innovative teaching techniques and prioritizing children’s visual and auditory senses, we have developed a course that focuses on teaching the Arabic alphabet and basic reading rules. This course consists of two levels. The first level covers the Arabic alphabet, where children will learn the letters by engaging in activities that incorporate storytelling and the use of objects and animals. This interactive approach ensures that the alphabet is firmly embedded in their minds. In the second level, we will delve into the basic reading rules, including short and long vowels, Maad, Shaddah, Sukoon, Tanween, and silent letters.

  • To learn the Arabic alphabet and reading rules in an enjoyable and memorable manner,
  • To begin reading the Quran,
  • To acquire proficiency in reading Arabic.

Learning the Arabic alphabet is a crucial starting point for children to embark on their Quranic learning journey. The ability to read from the Holy Quran brings immense joy to children and enables them to progress to other courses, such as Tajweed and Quran Translation. Moreover, by simultaneously starting the memorization process while being able to read, children can comprehend and advance through the material more efficiently.

This course has no prerequisites.

  • Gaining proficiency in reading Arabic,
  • Gradually reciting the Holy Quran,
  • Building confidence in Quranic learning,
  • Initiating the foundational steps in reading and understanding Tajweed.

While there are no formal tests for children, their progress will be consistently monitored and reported to the parents.

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Quran Reading for Kids

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