Sweet Quran for Kids

This course teaches small chapters of the Holy Quran along with games, stories, crafts, painting, etc.

No of lessons:

4-5 Surahs

Course duration:

15 Sessions / 40-50 Mins


3-8 yrs


Female, Male

Additional Details

Sweet Quran is here to help children learn the Quran through enjoyable and simple methods. Our course focuses on instilling a love for the Quran in children, introducing them to stories, games, crafts, and animations. Step by step, children will learn to appreciate and memorize the initial Surahs in Juz Amma through repetition and storytelling. To make the process even more engaging, they can incorporate their dolls and toys, connecting the elements they adore in their daily lives with their relationship to the Quran. By memorizing short Surahs, they take the first steps toward future Quranic memorization and learning.

• Familiarize children with the Quran as the Holy book for Muslims,
• Cultivate a love for the Quran,
• Memorize small Surahs in Juz Amma,
• Combine games and learning to facilitate progress for children,
• Explore Quranic stories and gain a deeper understanding of them,
• Learn valuable lessons from the Quran,
• Discover how to utilize the Quran and derive benefits from it,
• Instill a lifelong connection to Islam in children’s hearts.

It has been proven that a child’s character is significantly influenced until the age of seven. Therefore, parents should pay attention to this psychological aspect if they aim to raise devout Muslims. The initial step towards this goal is teaching children to love the Quran. How can this be accomplished? By demonstrating that the Quran is meant for them to discover numerous valuable lessons, serving as a guiding light in their lives. Simultaneously, the memorization process boosts their self-confidence and enhances cognitive functioning, improving their learning and memorization abilities.

This course has no prerequisites.

• Develop a profound love for the Quran and establish a beautiful relationship with it,
• Memorize small Surahs in Juz Amma,
• Acquire familiarity with Arabic as the language of the Quran,
• Gain insight into hidden stories and lessons within Surahs,
• Learn various stories and skills based on Quranic verses,
• Enhance creativity through crafts, storytelling, and games,
• Improve social skills,
• Forge new friendships and experience the joy of learning together,
• Enhance academic skills and readiness for schooling.

While there are no formal tests for children, their progress will be continually monitored and reported to the parents.

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Course Screenshots

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Sweet Quran for Kids

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