Tajwid in Quran Recitation

This course deals with the principles of correct recitation of the Holy Quran as it was recited at the time of revelation through new methods and specialised information.

No of lessons:

Elementary: 10
Pre-Intermediate: 10
Intermediate: 10
Upper-Intermediate: 10

Course duration:

Elementary: 12 Sessions/60 Mins
Pre-Intermediate: 12 Sessions/60 Mins
Intermediate: 12 Sessions/60 Mins
Upper-Intermediate: 12 Sessions/60 Mins


Teenagers, Adults


Female, Male

Additional Details

Reciting the Quran holds utmost significance in the journey of Quranic learning. It serves as a foundational element for attaining proficiency in Quranic studies and skills. A correct recitation is essential for anyone seeking to develop a comprehensive understanding of the Quran. In this course, we focus on the principles of accurate Quranic recitation, adhering to the manner in which it was originally recited at the time of revelation. Through innovative methods and specialized knowledge, we offer a comprehensive curriculum spanning four levels. The first level provides an overview of the recitation rules and covers introductory topics of Tajweed. Moving forward, the second level delves into the intricacies of the five positions of the vocal tract and the proper outlets for pronouncing the letters. As learners progress to the third and fourth levels, they will engage in a detailed exploration of the attributes and rules associated with each letter. By immersing ourselves in this course, we embark on a transformative journey of mastering the art of Quranic recitation.

– To learn how to recite correctly,
– To recite beautifully,
– To work on verses and words in the Holy Quran,
– To have a firm base for all contents that are related to the Quran.

Acquiring knowledge of Tajweed is crucial for every Muslim as it ensures the preservation of the language and guards against errors while reading the Holy Quran. Regardless of the course, level, or content pertaining to the Quran, a strong foundation in recitation is essential. Familiarity with the rules of Tajweed holds particular significance in achieving a melodious recitation, facilitating memorization, and mastering the proper ways to stop and begin verses correctly. To deepen comprehension and recite with beauty, it is vital to apply these rules diligently while engaging with the Holy Quran. By doing so, one can enhance their understanding, recitation, and overall connection with the divine scripture.

Quran Reading

  • Mastering the rules of Tajweed,
  • Attaining the skill to recite the Quran accurately,
  • Cultivating a stronger connection and engagement with the Quran,
  • Establishing a solid foundation for further Quranic studies,
  • Developing familiarity with the distinct characteristics and nuances of Arabic letters,
  • Engaging with fundamental subjects essential for Quranic learning,
  • Mastering the precise pronunciation of Arabic letters.

At the end of the course, students will be tested in two areas, written and oral, and those who succeed in obtaining 50% of the test score will be awarded a certificate.

  • Become a Quran Memoriser
  • Become a Tartil reciter
  • Become a Qari

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Tajwid in Quran Recitation

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