Voice and Tunes – Tahqiq

In this course, there is an endeavor, using new methods and expertise, to enable a student to recite the Quran beautifully and pleasantly with the Tahqeeq method in a melodious fashion.

No of lessons:

Elementary 1: 10
Elementary 2: 13
Elementary 3: 12
Intermediate 1:12
Intermediate 2:12
Intermediate 3:12

Course duration:

12-14 Sessions/45-60 Mins


Teenagers, Adults


Female, Male

Additional Details

The precise, slow recitation is meticulous and heedful of meaning. It gives each letter, in place and manner, its appropriate measure (according to the rules of Tajweed). Elongation (saturation) of Mad, Tahqiq of Hamza, completion of movements, Tahqiq of the output of letters, etc., All this is possible by reciting the verses at a slow, measured speed.

To get acquainted with the alphabet of recitation, which is a phonetic art and has its roots in Egypt, one must imitate it; that means one must try to record the melodies used by the masters by listening to their recitations. Also, the Quran learner becomes acquainted with the methods and rules of recitation.

– Endeavoring to read the Holy Quran beautifully through the Tahqeeq method;

– Teaching conventional melodies and tunes in the recitation of the Holy Quran;

– Teaching practical musical systems in Quran recitation;

– Familiarity with the methodology of prominent Qaries of the Islamic world in reciting the Holy Quran;

– Nurturing distinguished reciters in all parts of the world.

Since on the one hand, the recitation of the Holy Quran in a beautiful manner plays an essential role in attracting people to the Holy Quran and on the other hand it is an important tool in instilling deep Quranic meanings to reciters and listeners, this valuable skill can be used as an important tool in constructing the discourse of Quranic culture in different nations.

Quran Reading

  • Greater interest in the Holy Quran;
  • Nurturing distinguished reciters of the Holy Quran;
  • Making the reciters more connected with the concepts of the Holy Quran;
  • Greater impact of the reciters’ recitation on the listeners;
  • Spreading the culture of Quran recitation.

At the end of the course, students will be tested and those who succeed in obtaining 50% of the test score will be awarded a certificate.

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Course Screenshots

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Voice and Tunes – Tahqiq

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