Wonders of Creation for Kids

Quranic wisdom in science

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Course duration:

15 Sessions / 40-50 mins


5-12 yrs


Female, Male

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Our ‘Science through the Quran’ course aims to provide children with a comprehensive understanding of scientific concepts mentioned in the Quran. Throughout this course, children will explore various scientific topics such as astronomy, biology, geology, and more, while delving into Quranic verses discussing these subjects. By connecting science with Quranic teachings, we aim to foster a deeper appreciation for both disciplines and encourage critical thinking skills.

  •  Introduce children to scientific concepts mentioned in the Quran, enabling them to understand these concepts in a broader context,
  •  Nurture critical thinking skills by encouraging questioning and exploration,
  •  Strengthen their faith by highlighting how scientific advancements affirm the wisdom and knowledge embedded in the Quran.

This course is crucial as it allows children to develop a holistic understanding of the world around them. Studying science through the Quranic lens helps children recognize the harmony between scientific discoveries and religious teachings. This integration emphasizes that science complements, rather than contradicts, their faith. Moreover, the course promotes curiosity, analytical thinking, and a sense of wonder about Allah’s creation.

To enroll in this course, students should have basic knowledge of Islamic studies and possess an interest in exploring scientific concepts through religious texts.

  • Gain a deep understanding of various scientific disciplines in the Quran,
  • Identify specific verses related to different branches of science,
  • Develop critical thinking skills by analyzing how scientific discoveries align with religious teachings,
  •  Have a greater appreciation for both science and faith.

Students’ progress will be evaluated through regular assessments that test their understanding of scientific concepts discussed in class as well as their ability to connect these concepts with relevant Quranic verses. Additionally, class participation, assignments, and projects will also contribute to the overall evaluation. The aim of the evaluation process is to ensure students have grasped the scientific knowledge presented in the course and can effectively apply it within an Islamic framework.

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Wonders of Creation for Kids

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