DarulQuran Course: A Journey of Faith and Knowledge for German Youth

DarulQuran Course: A Journey of Faith and Knowledge for German Youth

DarulQuran Course: A Journey of Faith and Knowledge for German Youth

A new online course on Quranic stories for children and teenagers will be launched in September as part of a collaboration between the DarulQuran Academy education center and a German partner. The course aims to introduce young learners to the stories and lessons of the Quran in an engaging and interactive way.

The course is one of the two courses that will be offered to a group of 40 German students.

The reading and recitation courses are also offered to help the students improve their Quranic recitation skills according to their level.
This collaboration marks the first of its kind between the DarulQuran Academy center and the German partner, who share a common vision of providing quality Islamic education to Muslim children and teenagers living in non-Muslim countries.

The program hopes to inspire the students to deepen knowledge of their religion and Islamic culture, as well as to connect with other Muslim peers from different backgrounds.

The classes will be conducted online through a user-friendly platform of DarulQuran Academy that allows the real-time interaction between students and teachers. The teachers are qualified and experienced in teaching Islamic studies to young learners, employing various methods and materials to ensure classes are fun and informative.

Registration for the program remains open until the end of August, and interested parents can visit the website of the DarulQuran Academy center for further information. The program welcomes all Muslim children and teenagers aged between 6 and 16, regardless of their nationality or location.

The fee for the program is affordable and includes access to all course materials and resources.
We are excited to announce our first collaboration with Germany, where we will be offering courses to a group of 40 young learners. They will have an opportunity to enjoy our new course on Quranic stories for children and teenagers, as well as reading and reciting courses tailored to their levels. The classes are scheduled to commence in September.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, we have a Quranic course suitable for you. Our courses cover topics such as Quranic recitation, tajweed, tafsir, and memorization. Enroll now to enrich your faith and knowledge. Do not hesitate, and contact us for further information.

You can always reach out to us via:
Email: info@darulquran.co.uk
WhatsApp Support: +447538461315

The DarulQuran – Europe and England Institute, the first specialized virtual platform for Quranic Sciences, has been actively teaching since 2011 in five different languages: English, Arabic, Spanish, French, and Dutch. Using modern software platforms and employing academic and creative approaches, the institute has established a successful and professional model for Quranic education. Currently, over 3000 users from 195 countries participate in online classes at DarulQuran, with more than 150 classes held each week in various departments and languages. The website offers more than 15 departments dedicated to Quran education and related courses, catering to children, teenagers, and adults separately.

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