Quranic Stories: A Guiding Light for Adults


Quranic Stories: A Guiding Light for Adults

Without a doubt, stories and narratives play a crucial role in shaping and nurturing human personalities. Therefore, the Almighty Allah, for the perfection and excellence of humanity in various dimensions, has made the best possible use of this artistic form.

As the foremost storyteller, Allah has composed the best, most elegant, and most captivating stories in His eternal Quran, providing exemplary models and conveying the highest educational concepts in all areas of belief and ethics.

As stories significantly impact readers, the Lord of the Universe has instilled a great desire and interest in people to seek and listen to stories and narratives.
Today, stories not only captivate the attention of scholars, thinkers, and psychologists as an art and educational tool but they have also found their place in scientific and educational institutions.

Above all, it’s Islamic civilization that, within its monotheistic doctrine, has made the best use of storytelling for human development. In this regard, the Almighty has portrayed the best stories in the Quran, this heavenly and eternal book, using the most exquisite and eloquent methods, “We narrate to you the best of stories” (Surah Yusuf, Verse 3).

Moreover, the relatively extensive presence of “stories” in the Quran, accounting for almost a quarter of its verses, highlights the importance of reflection and contemplation within it.

When it comes to stories and narratives, they can be categorized into six conceivable types: “historical,” “allegorical,” “mythical,” “symbolic,” “factual,” and “real” .

All stories in the Quran fall into the category of real and authentic stories that encompass profound content, meanings, and reflections.
The Quran uses the stories of real and true prophets and past communities, presented in a narrative form, as an artistic method to teach humans the path to perfection and to distance them from vices. In this way, anyone who takes advantage of the divine light of this book will save themselves from ruin, while those who oppose it will expose themselves to misguidance.

One of the most important missions of the prophets is the moral upbringing of individuals, known as the science of ethics. The Holy Prophet of Islam says, “I was indeed sent to perfect the most noble traits of character”.

(Mizān al-Ḥikma, Vol. 4, p. 1530). The Almighty Lord, for the purification of the human soul, has drawn concrete examples in the form of stories of some of the prophets and saints in this school of monotheism. These examples are instructive for everyone.

Some examples of moral virtues mentioned in the Quranic stories include:

  1. Tawakkul (reliance on Allah): All the prophets relied on Allah’s help when carrying out their assigned missions, and the outcome of this reliance, which was success and victory in their tasks, is portrayed in their stories to encourage readers to embrace this virtue.
  2. Taqwa (piety and righteousness): In many of the Quranic stories, especially in the calls of the prophets, what stands out is the call to piety and abstinence.
  3. Good Conduct: One of the factors that has led people to embrace religion and heavenly laws is good conduct, gentleness, manners, and the respect of the prophets towards people, even their enemies. The Quran has explicitly emphasized this.

Based on the points mentioned above and the importance of contemplating Quranic stories for adults and benefiting from their valuable insights, the DarulQuran Academy has shown interest in compiling materials and developing a Quranic Stories course tailored to adults. We are proud to announce that conditions for registration for the first course will be available soon.

The Quranic Stories course for adults is presented in a comprehensive and complete format. In addition to reading the complete stories of the prophets, diverse sections filled with instructive points have been included.

This course covers an examination of Quranic information about the prophets, the mention of unique points within each story, and an analysis of Quranic aspects. Additionally, it responds to objections related to the prophets and explores the personalities of the prophets as described in the Quran, among other topics.

The course provides an opportunity to facilitate group discussions and encourage participants to analyze and compare stories with contemporary events.
The Quran, which is the guiding and illuminating light of the path to human happiness, depicts various and diverse stories in the forms of warnings, good news, promises, metaphors, descriptions, and reports. No matter how far we proceed in this valley, the radiant chain of Quranic lessons continues, just as when one ascends a peak, one can see even higher peaks on the horizon.

We hope that the path of all of us is illuminated by the complete utilization of the divine words and the delightful stories and narratives of the Quran.

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