Quranic Stories: Enlightening the Thoughts of Adolescents


Quranic Stories: Enlightening the Thoughts of Adolescents

The Quran is the most complete heavenly book, an eternal miracle inspired by divine revelation. Examining the reasons for God’s use of stories and various narratives in the Quran leads us to a treasure trove of mysteries and instructive concepts.
The Quran is not a book of stories, but the art of storytelling within it is unparalleled, and within each of these stories lies a segment of real life, captured at unique moments in history.

It can be said that the stories and the narratives mentioned in the Quran are like an ever-flowing river, free from the complexities of language, offered to humanity, and mankind can immerse their souls in them until the Day of Resurrection.

Stories are timeless and do not expire because they are free from the constraints of time. Therefore, God, who is more aware of human nature and inclinations than anyone else, has employed this tool to convey various concepts and does not restrict His stories to a particular time or place.

On the other hand, as a readily accessible tool that is available at all times and without any personal cost, stories have shaped the characters of individuals, brought them to perfection, shaped their moral and behavioral laws in their subconscious, and, by presenting a complete worldview, guided humanity towards spiritual excellence.
In various verses of divine revelation, we find ourselves face to face with the lives and stories of the prophets and righteous individuals, with the aim of conveying divine teachings and guiding humans.
The longest story in the Quran is related to the story of Prophet Moses (A.S.), and the most beautiful story is related to Prophet Joseph (A.S.).

There is a difference of opinion about the number of stories in the Quran. Some consider it to be 116 stories, while others have mentioned up to 260 stories. Undoubtedly, a significant portion of the divine verses in the Quran – approximately one-fourth – refers to the names of 25 prophets, which has made the Quran well-known as “Ahsan al-Qasas” (the best of stories).

The abundance of Quranic stories and the allocation of a surah called “Qasas” (Stories) demonstrate the importance of stories in conveying truths.
“Story” and “storytelling,” in addition to being a means of entertainment and leisure, are a way of educating and learning, especially for adolescents, and play a crucial role in the education and upbringing of future generations.

In fact, by immersing ourselves in the world of stories, we can access the assets of civilization and cultural heritage, ethical values, human manners, and customs, and prepare ourselves for the future, and cultivate all religious, moral, and human values in our subconscious.
The Quran, considering the natural inclinations and desires of humans, presents the most beautiful stories in harmony with its sacred goals and emphasizes the importance of learning from the experiences and destinies of previous generations.

In this regard, the DarulQuran Academy, considering the importance of Quranic stories and the life stories of prophets and different peoples and their educational influence on adolescents, has developed a special Quranic Stories course for adolescents.

We are proud to announce that the first course has been met with great enthusiasm from students, and classes have begun since October.

In this course, in addition to studying some of the life events of the prophets, various sections rich in instructive points have been considered. The examination of Quranic information about the prophets, understanding their supplications and requests from the Creator, and the expression of hidden insights are among the sections presented in this course.

Furthermore, in addition to the mentioned sections, a part has been dedicated to Islamic principles and beliefs, which will be covered gradually with an emphasis on these principles.
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We hope that the adolescents will make the most of the divine words and the delightful stories and narratives of the Quran.

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