A Memorable Celebration for Learning the Arabic Alphabet – The Prerequisite of Reading Quran for Children:


A Memorable Celebration for Learning the Arabic Alphabet – The Prerequisite of Reading Quran for Children:

As found in Hadiths and narrations, reading the Quran holds great importance. The significance of reciting the Quran can be illustrated by the sayings of the Noble Prophet (S).

The Prophet of Allah said, “The best form of worship for my Ummah is the recitation of the Quran.” He also said, “O Salman! May you be blessed with the recitation of the Quran, for it serves as an expiation for sins and a shield against the punishment.”

Mastering the Arabic alphabet is an essential first step for young learners embarking on their Quranic education. The skill of reading the Holy Quran not only fills children with great happiness but also lays the groundwork for advanced studies like Tajweed and understanding Quranic translations. Additionally, starting to memorize while learning to read helps children grasp and advance through the lessons more effectively.

In order to read the Quran correctly, several simple steps must be followed to enable children to recite it accurately and beautifully:

  1. Recognizing the letters.
  2. Recognizing short and long vowel sounds and how to combine letters with sounds.
  3. Recognizing diacritical marks and how to read words with these marks.
  4. Recognizing unpronounceable letters.
  5. Understanding the rules of proper pronunciation and fluency.

In the Quran reading and recitation courses, instruction begins with the reading of individual letters and gradually progresses step by step.
Children’s language development differs from that of adults. Due to their high energy levels and inclination towards enjoyment and entertainment, children require a learning process and planning that is enjoyable and age-appropriate.

Therefore, special attention is given to the following three principles in the teaching process:

  1. Patience
  2. Consistency
  3. Systematic approach

An important point in teaching Quranic reading to children is that this education should not be serious but should be accompanied by love and tailored to the child’s age. Therefore, Quranic education combined with fun and storytelling will be highly effective.
Therefore, DarulQuran Academy, recognizing the importance of engaging children’s visual and auditory learning styles, has developed a course centered on introducing the Arabic alphabet and fundamental reading principles.

This program is divided into two stages. The initial stage involves teaching the Arabic alphabet using storytelling, interactive activities, and incorporating various objects and animals. The subsequent stage focuses on the fundamental rules of reading.
One of the aims of this course is to provide an enjoyable and memorable opportunity for kids to learn the Arabic alphabet.

In addition, at the end of the first level of Quran Reading for Kids, an “Alphabet Celebration” is held.

DarulQuran sends invitation cards to children to participate in the celebration and parents also prepare their children’s favorite snacks and present them, along with a gift, during the celebration. During this event, children make graduation caps and wear them, and they recite the alphabet poem with their instructors and friends.
The DarulQuran Academy strives to make Quranic learning enjoyable and memorable for children through such specially designed courses and celebrations.

Furthermore, several appropriate strategies to strengthen Quranic reading in children have been mentioned:

  1. Instilling a habit of daily and regular Quranic reading in children.
  2. Explaining the meanings of verses to children and establishing a better spiritual connection with the Divine verses.
  3. Using verbal and non-verbal encouragement and building self-confidence to encourage greater effort in children.
  4. Utilizing Quranic audio and listening to the correct recitation of surahs regularly at home.

It is essential to note that improving Quranic reading in children is achieved through practice and repetition, coupled with patience and perseverance.

The DarulQuran is proud to announce that conditions for registration on Reading Quran for kids are available, and it hopes that implementing memorable courses and celebrations can create fond memories of Quranic acquaintance in the pure minds of children so that they can savor the pleasure of correctly reciting the Quran and, in this wonderful journey, become successful and steadfast throughout all stages of life.
For more information about this course, click here.

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