Daily Recitation of a Page of the Holy Quran

Daily recitation of a page of the Holy Quran

Daily recitation of a page of the Holy Quran

This to inform you that our Tajweed users are to read one page of the Quran daily to improve their learning skills.

Noticing the fact that Tajweed rules are not easy to comprehend, our Tajweed users daily practices can make them learn and with constant repetition and restatement of the Quran, our Tajweed users can gain a silver-tongued recitation.

Furthermore, hearing the sound of an elocutionist will result in excellent recitation.

As a result, we suggest our Tajweed users to recite one page of the Quran and send it to us. Then, our Tajweed teachers will send feedback to them.

Do the Tajweed teachers correct the errors of the users?

Yes, they help them with better and more accurate recitation, which is a vast blessing for all of us.

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