Preparation Workshop for the 3rd Round of RAB International Competition


Preparation Workshop for the 3rd Round of RAB International Competition

DarulQuran Academy is honored to announce that is one of the largest and most active centers in organizing Quranic competitions. Therefore, intends to organize periodic workshops with the aim of preparing learners for success in the competitions of this center and other international competitions.

The RAB International Competition, which is held every year in different sections (Tarteel Recitation, Tahqiq Recitation, Memorization, etc.)

by DarulQuran, is one of those competitions that meet with the enthusiastic participation of reciters and lovers of the Holy Quran of all ages and from all over the world.

Therefore, by holding a workshop, while preparing learners for this competition, we also help them to achieve success in other competitions.
We will start the Tarteel/ Tahqiq Recitation workshop from January 9th and Memorization workshop from January 10th, which will be held weekly for 8 sessions (the number of sessions may be increased up to 10 according to the knowledge level of the learners).

The preparation workshop for the RAB International Competition will be held in two classes of Tarteel/ Tahqiq Recitation and Memorization, which in the class of Tarteel/ Tahqiq Recitation class Tajweed, Stopping/ Beginning, and Voice/ Tune will be practiced by Dr. Mozhgan Khanbaba, and in the Memorization class Tajweed, Stopping/ Beginning, and Memorization Techniques will be practiced by Dr. Marziyeh Shariati.

The secretary of the 3rd round of RAB International Competition noted, “The preliminary stage of this competition will be held online on March 16 and 17, 2024. In addition, the final stage of this competition will be held after the holy month of Ramadan, from among those who have qualified for the final section.”
In the end, she added, “All those interested in participating in this workshop, as well as for more information about the RAB International Competition and other future events of this academy.

can refer to or contact with DarulQuran via WhatsApp number +447538461315 .

Registration deadline for preparation workshop for the 3rd round of RAB International Competition: January 8, 2024

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