Teaching Is a True Vocation


Teaching is a true vocation

Teaching is a true vocation for those passionate about the subject they love.

We are here to have a long-lasting positive influence on future generations.

We train those who want to share their enthusiasm and knowledge.

Our TTC department has comprehensive teaching training courses for our novice and experienced Quran teachers until they get familiar with the newest teaching methods and we will equip them with modern pedagogy strategies to use in their online classes.

Their participation in our frequent workshops enables them to use these technics and improve their teaching and classroom management skills to better connect with students. Our aim here is to have the best and the most efficient TTC courses for our teachers.

With this we can ensure that all students are learning and benefitting in the class and helping students to achieve their learning goals. We are and will remain patient and accurate in the entire journey of our teachers becoming prominent ones.

We train our teachers with the best and newest educational plans to have qualified teachers with more strength and resilience in our online classes. We’ve prepared the content of the three workshops for our teachers in Tajweed, Memorization, and Recitation which will be held soon.

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