Be Our Future Teacher!

Be our future teacher

Be our future teacher!

The big family of DarulQuran is proud to inform you that our academy recruits new lecturers.

As we always emphasised the modality of our supreme courses, we put our students performance under careful surveillance.

It offers hope for us to detect potential future teachers in the early stages. Our long-term scheme is selecting our prospective teachers among our potential students. Firstly, we will select the most studious, hardworking, and enthusiastic students, and then invite them to participate in our TTC courses. They should meet our TTC requirements and earn the required grade.

If you are interested in our TTC courses and joining our big family, we would love to have you by our side. So if you need any help, you can reach us at the following: We will be more than happy to assist!

Our connoisseurs of the TTC department will contact you to follow up on your recruitment process.

Firstly, they will evaluate you based on your resume and interview for our initial conditions, and secondly, you must do a Demo.

The various elements of this process will assess your performance. By the way you need to pass our TTC exam, to enter the TTC course.This is a brief look at the recruitment process of DarulQuran academy.

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