DarulQuran Academy’s International Workshops with Renowned Quranic Scholars


DarulQuran Academy has organized numerous international workshops for Quran enthusiasts, as part of its efforts to expand and deepen its educational activities.

In cooperation with cultural institutions, the Academy has organized workshops with renowned scholars in the field of Quranic studies.

The organization of Quranic workshops with distinguished scholars can be beneficial in several ways:

  • Promotion of Quranic knowledge: By participating in these workshops, individuals can benefit from the expertise of prominent Quranic scholars regarding the interpretation and deeper understanding of Quranic verses. This opportunity helps Quran learners to enhance their knowledge of Quranic studies and interpretation.
  • Facilitation of interaction and exchange of ideas: Quranic workshops provide an ideal opportunity for interaction and exchange of ideas with scholars and other participants. These interactions can facilitate the learning process and deepen the understanding of the Quran.
  • Promoting a correct understanding of the Quran: By organizing such activities, individuals become more acquainted with the correct understanding of the Quran and can convey their knowledge to others. This type of promotion can enhance Quranic understanding in society and shape the community’s ethical and cultural structure.

Considering the aforementioned points, these workshops not only enhance Quranic knowledge but also provide an opportunity for interaction and exchange of ideas among individuals active in this field, ultimately contributing to the development of Quranic and cultural spaces and the promotion of Islamic values in societies. Therefore, the organization of Quranic workshops with prominent scholars is considered necessary.

In this regard, DarulQuran Academy organized a four-session workshop titled “Recitation of the Holy Quran” conducted by the international Quran reciter Haj Ahmad Abolghasemi, who was the first-place winner in the International Quran Competition in Malaysia.

Haj Ahmad Abolghasemi is one of the Quran reciters and referees in international Quran competitions.

He successfully obtained an international ranking in Quran recitation in 2011.

He has also been a pioneer in organizing special Quranic classes for Quran enthusiasts. Mr. Abolghasemi has traveled to 36 countries worldwide and has been active in the field of Quranic studies for over three decades.

In the workshop organized by DarulQuran Academy and attended virtually by participants from dozens of countries worldwide, Mr. Abolghasemi addressed topics related to melodies, voice modulation, melody transmission, teaching some key melody points, and issues related to participating in international Quran competitions.

Several cultural institutions in Asian countries organized this international workshop in cooperation with DarulQuran Academy, and certificates of participation were awarded to the participants at the end of the course.

To date, DarulQuran Academy has been diligently organizing various educational workshops for Quran enthusiasts.

These activities aim to promote a correct and deeper understanding of the Quran, empower Quranic scholars through effective teaching methods, enhance the knowledge of Quran learners, and facilitate ways of contemplating and reflecting on Quranic verses.

Among the activities organized by the Academy are the RAB Award Competitions , lectures and sessions on comparative religious studies , Teacher Training Course (TTC) , and various educational workshops.

These efforts have created a dynamic cultural and academic environment in the field of Quranic studies, allowing enthusiasts to engage with specialized and prominent scholars in the field and benefit from their knowledge and experiences.

It is hoped that these actions taken will be an effective step towards benefiting more from the knowledge of prominent and renowned Quranic scholars, as well as fostering further growth among Quran enthusiasts.

Moreover, it is expected that these initiatives will contribute to the realization of DarulQuran Academy’s pioneering goals in promoting Quranic understanding and increasing intimacy with the Quran.

To stay informed about the upcoming immersive workshops hosted by DarulQuran Academy , make sure to follow the website.

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