Nailah Qiyyama Khatun Hakim, Exemplification of The Transformative Power of Quranic Education


Embark on the captivating interview that sheds light on the details of the extraordinary journey of 12-year-old Nailah Qiyyama Khatun Hakim from Barcelona, Spain.

She has been a remarkable student of the Quran and has continued to excel in Tarteel recitation and Juz Amma Memorisation of the Holy Quran.

This exclusive interview reveals her motivations, as well as the unwavering commitment and dedication of Nailah’s parents to Islamic teachings and the transformative impact of DarulQuran on her educational journey, playing a crucial role in nurturing her deep connection with the Quran.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the inspiring narrative of a young soul who thrives in the enriching environment of DarulQuran Academy and exemplifies the institution’s commitment to fostering a profound love for the Quran and Islamic knowledge.

Read the interview to be inspired by Nailah’s remarkable journey and the educational excellence at DarulQuran.

Interviewer: Salam alaikum, dear sister! I hope you are well, InshaAllah. Please introduce your daughter.
Nailah’s Mother: Wa alaikum salam, sister, thank you. My daughter’s name is Nailah Qiyyama Khatun Hakim. She was born on December 12, 2011, in Barcelona, Spain, and she is 12 years old.

Interviewer: When did Nailah start learning the Holy Quran?
Nailah’s Mother: In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Nailah’s father started teaching her Arabic so that she could read the Quran, and within two months, she started reading it.

Interviewer: What was her main motivation for learning to read the Holy Quran?
Nailah’s Mother: We were her main motivation—her father and me. Thanks to Allah (SWT), we were born into a Muslim family, and so was she. Therefore, as parents, we have to inform her, motivate her, and provide her with all the tools to learn, understand, and practice her religion.

Interviewer: Do you and your husband know Arabic or the Holy Quran?
Nailah’s Mother: My husband and I can read Arabic to read the Holy Quran, just like Nailah. We were not converts to Islam, but thanks to Allah (SWT), we were born into a Muslim family.

Interviewer: What courses has Nailah taken, and how many Quranic certifications does she have now?
Nailah’s Mother: As I mentioned, we taught her and then enrolled her in DarulQuran to learn to read with melody. So, I first enrolled her in Tahqiq and Tajweed, and now she is doing Tarteel and Juz Amma Memorisation, and she has achieved certificates in these courses, Alhamdulillah. This is her recitation of Sura An-Nur (24: 35-40) even though my doughter had a cold.

Nailah’s unwavering dedication, nurtured by her parents and the supportive environment at DarulQuran Academy, exemplifies the transformative power of Quranic education.

We invite you to reflect on the profound impact of faith-based learning and the positive influence it has on young minds. We hope her story becomes a beacon of inspiration, encouraging everyone to embrace the enriching experiences offered by DarulQuran.

It is important to note that Nailah has registered for the International Quran Competition scheduled for 2024 in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

We celebrate Nailah’s achievements, wish her success in this journey, and extend our best wishes for her parents who have supported her to this level.

We look forward to sharing more empowering narratives and uplifting journeys with our community. Thank you for being part of this incredible exploration into the world of Quranic education at DarulQuran Academy.

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