Recite in Your Mother Tongue

Recite in your mother tongue

Research shows that education in the mother tongue is a critical factor for inclusion and quality learning, and it also improves learning outcomes and academic performance. Learning in your mother tongue is better to avoid knowledge gaps and increase the speed of understanding and comprehension.

Learning in your native language is very important, especially for children’s development. Learning better and faster in a language you understand will improve the learning process.

At DarulQuran academy, our approach is to hold different courses in various languages so that all people from all over the world can enjoy learning diverse aspects of the Quran in their mother tongue.

Saying the words clearly and slowly and reciting with understanding and uttering the contents correctly are of prime importance. The Quran should be recited with reflection and a pleasant voice. Prophet Muhammad (s) have recommended to recite the Quran in this way.

We are so proud to announce that if your mother tongue is German, we are planning to hold Tarteel courses in the melodious recitation department in Europe. However, we should mention that our Tarteel courses are available in English, Spanish and Arabic.

Recite Quran in proper order and with no haste with a measured rhythmic tone in DarulQuran academy Tarteel courses in your mother tongue.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in reciting the Quran like Prophet Muhammad (s) did.

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