Al-Minshawi’s Footprint in DarulQuran Tahqiq Courses

Al Minshawi was an Egyptian Quranic reciter and Hafiz. His nickname was Al-Saut Al-Baki, which means “the crying voice” in Arabic. He was one of the most important and famous Quraa of modern times, and he has had a significant impact on the Islamic world. His reputation is because of his impeccable Tajweed and style. A lofty Qari who is inspiring, moderate and recites according to the rules of Tajweed with melodious sound. Therefore, we follow the path of Islam noble geniuses like Qari Al-Minshawi and familiarize our users with them. The advent of all our efforts is in our courses; participating in them and sharing your opinions help us to work more efficiently.
At DarulQuran academy, we have various Tahqiq courses for school aged children and young Adults. One of our Tahqiq courses for school aged children (9 – 12) began on Wednesday, 15th February; this week. This course is all in English with an English speaking teacher and also a privileged Qari. In this course, they work on some ayahs of surah Ash-Shu’ara based on the Al-Minshawi’s recitation.
DarulQuran academy lessons are in line with our users’ promotion. This is what we try to do in all of our courses, also in our Tahqiq courses.
If we can be of any help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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