A Tour of Different Incidents Mentioned in the Quran

A Tour of Different Incidents Mentioned in the Quran/darulquran.co.uk

A Tour of Different Incidents Mentioned in the Quran

In the words of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh):
“For whoever Allah wants good, He gives him understanding in the religion.”
Tafsir means developing a strong bond with the book of Allah and understanding the meaning and interpretation of the verses and surahs in the Quran. It feels great when you read the Quran or the words of Allah, and you understand the translation. For many Muslims, especially non-Arabic speakers, it is difficult to engulf the Tafsir of the Quran.
The verses of the Quran in each surah have separate meaning entirely in different aspects. You will know the background only if you understand Allah’s meaning in His Holy Book.
Many Muslims in non-Muslim countries have difficulty finding a certified mentor to help them in their online learning journey. DarulQuran academy has designed a new Tafsir course for whoever wants to learn the interpretation or exegesis of the Quran. Our users had many questions about the idea of their daily life dilemmas in the Quran, so we surveyed through a questionnaire to design our lesson plans based on the most questioned subjects. Ten sessions of this course cover a wide range of subjects. For example, in lesson five, you will learn about Zakat, which means an individual has to donate a certain proportion of wealth each year to charitable causes; or lesson ten which is about Patience recommended by Almighty Allah, which means it requires determination.
The Holy Quran states: “And verily, whomsoever shows patience and forgives, that would truly be from the things recommended by Allah.” Also, you will learn what Quran says about respecting your parents, Qisas, and many others.
Tafseer-Al-Quran is considered the most significant science of the Quran that helps all Muslims understand the Quran even better.
We gathered all Ayahs and all existing interpretations in this course to give you a general idea about Islam and the Quran.
In Arabic, Tafsir comes from the word Fassara, which means clarify, explain, and expound the Quran.
All enthusiasts about Tafsir (the science of explanation of the Quran), who are above 15 years can participate in the DarulQuran Tafsir course.

If you want to build your connection with Allah’s holy book, then the DarulQuran Tafsir course is for you. Our prominent expert teachers not only make you master the Tafsir of the Quran but also build a strong connection between your life and Allah’s word, then give you Quranic hints to solve your daily difficulties.
Start learning Tafsir of the Quran Online from the comfort of your home with flexible time schedules by DarulQuran academy.

The DarulQuran – Europe and England Institute, the first specialized virtual platform for Quranic Sciences, has been actively teaching since 2011 in five different languages: English, Arabic, Spanish, French, and Dutch. Using modern software platforms and employing academic and creative approaches, the institute has established a successful and professional model for Quranic education. Currently, over 3000 users from 195 countries participate in online classes at DarulQuran, with more than 150 classes held each week in various departments and languages. The website offers more than 15 departments dedicated to Quran education and related courses, catering to children, teenagers, and adults separately.

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