Sweet Quran Course: Where Islam is for kids !

Sweet Quran Course Where Islam is for kids

Sweet Quran Course: Where Islam is for kids !

Do you want your children to love the Quran and learn its beautiful Surahs? Then the Sweet Quran Course is perfect for them! This course will teach them the small Surahs of the 30th Juz in a fun and engaging way, using stories, games and puppets. Children enjoy the Quranic classes and look forward to learning more. This course is ideal for children who are beginning their journey of learning the Quran, as it will give them a positive and memorable experience with the Quran. Don’t take our word for it, listen to what some parents have to say about this course:

Hossein Gilani’s mother:
“Alhamdullillah! Mrs. Asadollahi’s class was very good and Hossein is so satisfied!”

Taha Bagheri’s mother:
“The lessons are very good, Taha comes to class with enthusiasm, thank you!”

Mrs. Abibate, Mother of child who takes part in Sweet Quran Class in French:
“The teacher is Mrs. Elham Karimi; the quality of the course for my kids was great. Elham was able to lead recreational activities online; We would love to continue having her as our teacher!”

Zahra Murad’s mother:
“thank you!. I am satisfied with your course!”

Muhaddeh Abbasi’s mother:
“This course is excellent!Thank you for your efforts. I have recommended your course to my family too!”

Amin Fathi’s mother:
“Amin loves Ms. Asadollahi very much, he has established a very good relationship with her, and in the gap between the two semesters, he missed her a lot and said I want to visit her so that I can continue my classes!”

In the Sweet Quran Course, we use many stories and games. Stories that are included in the course illustrate the meaning and message of the Surahs, such as the story of the elephant for Surah Al-Fil, or the story of the people of the cave in Surah Al-Kahf.

Your children will enjoy learning and reciting the Surahs with these fun and interactive games, such as matching cards, puzzles, bingo, and quizzes. They will also unleash their creativity and imagination with these crafts and activities, such as painting, coloring, making puppets, and role-playing.

Want to see more examples of these amazing stories and games?
Check out the websites of DarulQuran Academy, and Sweet Quran Course.

You will be amazed by what this course has to offer!
Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via:
Email: info@darulquran.co.uk
Whatsapp Support: +447538461315

The DarulQuran – Europe and England Institute, the first specialized virtual platform for Quranic Sciences, has been actively teaching since 2011 in five different languages: English, Arabic, Spanish, French, and Dutch. Using modern software platforms and employing academic and creative approaches, the institute has established a successful and professional model for Quranic education. Currently, over 3000 users from 195 countries participate in online classes at DarulQuran, with more than 150 classes held each week in various departments and languages. The website offers more than 15 departments dedicated to Quran education and related courses, catering to children, teenagers, and adults separately.

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