What is Your Antecedent Topic for our One-day Islam-Christianity Event?

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What is Your Antecedent Topic for our One-day Islam-Christianity Event?

Christianity and Islam are the two largest religions globally, with 2.8 billion and 1.9 billion adherents, respectively. They are considered Abrahamic and are monotheistic religions originating in the Middle East.

Christianity is based on the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and people who comply with it are referred to as Christians.

Islam is based on the teachings of Muhammad (S) as an expression of giving up on the demand of Allah. Those who believe in it are referred to as Muslims (meaning “submitters to Allah”).

Islam considers Jesus to be the al-Masih (Arabic for Messiah) who has come to guide the Banī Isrā’īl (Arabic for Children of Israel) with a brand-new revelation: al-Injīl (Arabic for “the Gospel”).
Christianity and Islam have different sacred scriptures. The sacred text of Christianity is the Bible, while the sacred text of Islam is the Quran.
There are similarities in both texts, such as accounts of the life and works of Jesus and the virgin birth of Jesus through Mary; yet still, some Biblical and Quranic accounts of these events differ.
Both faiths believe that Jesus will return from Heaven. Additionally, they believe in the afterlife, too. Both religions believe human beings have a day of judgment, and they will be judged for the lives they lead on earth on the day of judgment. Both of them believe in one God and his prophets.
In a few days, our newest department, the Department of Comparative Studies of Religions in DarulQuran Academy, will hold an event centering on these two religious holy books, the holy Quran and the Bible.
Our academy thinks of fulfilling the below survey as the quintessential step in holding this one-day event. Please help us to pick the most significant and the most comprehensive topic.
Our suggested topics are:

  1. Stories regarding Christianity and Islam: saints, prophets, cultural exchanges, etc;
  2. Saint Mary in the Quran and Bible;
  3. Jesus in the Quran: Holy Quran’s views on Jesus;
  4. The Children of Abraham: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam;
  5. The Truth of Islam and Christianity;
  6. Mary and Fatima (s.a) in Christianity and Islam;
  7. How to pray in Islam and Christianity (for Kids and Adults);
    Choose your preferred topic from the below link:
    If you want further information on this one-day event’s details, message us via mail or WhatsApp. We are all here to hear your thoughts and ideas. It will be our pleasure to see you all.
    Email: info@darulquran.co.uk
    WhatsApp Support: +447538461315

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1 year ago

Fabulous team👌👌, my kids are taking multiple lessons, from learning farsi to hijaz melody.
Teachers are well educated. My kids are in love with their classes, which makes my happy as a parent.
Thanks to darulquran team.
With dua’s🙏

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