Online Recitation Classes at DarulQuran


Reciting the Quran is not only about reciting the words but also about delivering its message with clarity, beauty, and proper intonation.

DarulQuran Academy understands the importance of this art and offers comprehensive online recitation classes.

These classes provide students with the opportunity to refine their recitation skills, master Tajwid (rules of Quranic recitation), and develop a deep connection with the divine words of the Quran.

The Benefits of Online Recitation Classes at DarulQuran

  • Mastering Tajwid:
    One of the cores focuses of the online recitation classes at DarulQuran Academy is to help students master the rules of Tajwid. Tajwid encompasses the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters, rules of elongation, proper articulation, and application of various recitation techniques. Qualified and experienced instructors guide students through the intricacies of Tajwid, ensuring that they recite the Quran with precision and beauty.
  • Individualized Instruction:
    DarulQuran Academy recognizes that every student has unique learning needs and abilities. Therefore, the online recitation classes are designed to provide individualized instruction to each student. Instructors work closely with students, identify their strengths and areas for improvement, and tailor the lessons accordingly. This personalized approach allows students to progress at their own pace, ensuring optimal learning outcomes.
  • Recitation Practice:
    The online recitation classes at DarulQuran Academy prioritizes practical application. Students are given ample opportunities to practice their recitation skills during the classes. They recite verses individually and in groups, receiving constructive feedback from instructors. Regular recitation sessions not only enhance students’ pronunciation but also build their confidence in reciting the Quran in front of others.
  • Tajwid Workshops and Exercises:
    To reinforce the understanding and application of Tajwid rules, DarulQuran Academy conducts Tajwid workshops and exercises. These workshops delve deeper into specific areas of Tajwid, explaining the rules in detail and providing practical examples. Through interactive exercises, students get hands-on experience in applying Tajwid rules, correcting their mistakes, and perfecting their recitation.
  • Recitation Evaluation and Feedback:
    DarulQuran Academy believes in continuous improvement and ensures that students receive regular evaluation and feedback on their recitation. Instructors assess students’ progress, identify areas that need improvement, and provide constructive feedback to enhance their recitation skills. This feedback-driven approach allows students to refine their recitation technique and overcome any challenges they may face.
  • Recitation Contests and Events:
    To motivate students and showcase their recitation skills, DarulQuran Academy organizes recitation contests and events. These events provide a platform for students to demonstrate their progress and compete with their peers. Participating in these contests not only boosts students’ confidence but also encourages them to strive for excellence in their recitation.
  • Flexible Online Learning Environment:
    DarulQuran Academy’s online recitation classes offer a flexible learning environment that caters to students from all walks of life. Through live virtual classrooms, students can access the classes from the comfort of their homes, eliminating geographical barriers. The academy utilizes advanced technology and interactive teaching tools to ensure an engaging and immersive learning experience.

Our Recitation Courses

  1. Melodious Recitation – Tarteel
    This course (Melodious Recitation – Tarteel) aims to help individuals achieve a beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran with a melodious and enjoyable style. It focuses on Tarteel, which is reciting at a normal speed while maintaining a wonderful rhythm.
    Ages: Teenagers, Adults
    Gender: Male and Female
  • Melodious Recitation Tarteel (I-III): £39 for each level (£117 overall)
  • Melodious Recitation Tarteel (IV – VI): £49 for each level (£147 overall)
  1. Melodious Recitation – Tahqiq
    This course (Melodious Recitation – Tahqiq) emphasizes precise and mindful recitation, with a focus on understanding the meaning of each word. Following the rules of Tajwid, it ensures accurate placement and pronunciation of every letter. The Tahqiq course aims to help students achieve an enjoyable recitation of the Quran. Qualified instructors guide students in various recitation styles, emphasizing a slow and melodious approach.
    Ages: Teenagers, Adults
    Gender: Male and Female
  • Melodious Recitation Tahqiq (Elementary I-III): £39 for each level (£117 overall)
  • Melodious Recitation Tahqiq (Intermediate I-III): £49 for each level (£147 overall)
  • Melodious Recitation Tahqiq (Advanced): £49
  1. Melodious Recitation for Kids
    This course (Melodious Recitation for Kids) is designed to guide children in learning the art of beautiful Quranic recitation. It utilizes their reading skills and incorporates techniques like recitation by imitation, interactive games, creative crafts, and key learning points. The course aims to help children achieve their recitation goals while enjoying the learning journey. It focuses on mastering distinct recitation styles and finding pleasure in reciting verses from the Holy Quran.
    Ages: 4-8 yrs
    Gender: Male and Female
  • Melodious Recitation Tahqiq for kids (I-III): £42 for each level (£126 overall)
  • Melodious Recitation Tarteel for kids (I-III): £42 for each level (£126 overall)

“Note: Prices for public classes (more than two people) are as announced. Semi-private classes (two people) are priced at double the public class rate, and private classes (one person) are priced at triple the public class rate.”

The online recitation classes at DarulQuran Academy provide a comprehensive platform for students to refine their recitation skills, master Tajwid, and develop a profound connection with the Quran.

With individualized instruction, practical recitation practice, Tajwid workshops, and regular evaluation, students can enhance their recitation technique and confidently recite the Quran with beauty and precision.

Join DarulQuran Academy’s online recitation classes and embark on a transformative journey of connecting with the divine words of the Quran.

The DarulQuran – Europe and England Institute, the first specialized virtual platform for Quranic Sciences, has been actively teaching since 2011 in five different languages: English, Arabic, Spanish, French, and Dutch. Using modern software platforms and employing academic and creative approaches, the institute has established a successful and professional model for Quranic education. Currently, over 3000 users from 195 countries participate in online classes at DarulQuran, with more than 150 classes held each week in various departments and languages. The website offers more than 15 departments dedicated to Quran education and related courses, catering to children, teenagers, and adults separately.

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